Find us at the Marlborough Farmers' Market most Sundays from 9am until noon, rain or shine!

The Best Cold-Pressed.

Each bottle of Drop the BEET juice is prepared by hand with as much local produce as possible, sourced from Marlborough and Nelson farmers. We use top quality commercial masticating juicers to ensure your juice is filled with as many nutrients as possible and offer the widest variety of flavours in the region. Where to find us? Easy- come see us at the Marlborough Farmers' Market each Sunday, place an order for home delivery, or grab a 300ml bottle at Thomas and Sons Cafe in town.

What's new with Drop the BEET?

Wedding Catering

We are excited to offer catering for weddings, starting Summer 2023.

Whether you want juices for your bridal party the morning of, or for the entire guest list at your "next-day" function, we've got you covered!

Our juices are fresh, healthy, and delicious- the perfect addition to your special day to keep you energised and refreshed, or to help ease the hangover the morning after.

Drop the BEET @ Thomas and Sons Cafe

You can find Drop the Beet at Thomas & Sons Cafe in Blenheim. Follow our social media to find out what flavours are delivered each day. You can even rinse and return your empties to me at the market for 50 cents off your next purchase!

Marlborough Farmers' Market

You can find us at the Marlborough Farmers' Market each Sunday from 9am-12pm, rain or shine. Our stall is located to the right of the busker stage. We offer a range of our favourite juices in eco-cups over ice, or in "swap-a-bottles".

FREE Local Delivery

That's right! Free delivery in Renwick/Blenheim for orders that are $40 or more. Free delivery to outer neighbourhoods (ex Grovetown) on orders that are $60 or more.

Blenheim's Mobile Juice Bar

Text us @ 022-379-5219 or reach out on Insta (DroptheBeet_NZ) if you're keen to have our mobile juice bar at your local event!

I can't express how good these juices are. I've tried the Energiser, Sunshine, and Green Goodness now and love them so much. It's such a wee treat but feels super healthy drinking the juices. The communication with Kate was quick and easy, and she's super friendly when delivering the juices.

Sarah Jane

Yum Yum Yum. That is all I can say about 'Drop the BEET' juice. I had my first one today, and I can highly recommend it. Refreshing, healthy, and nutritious- I will definitely be adding it to my diet from now on. Thank you so much, Drop the BEET!

Louise Chapman- Boombox Blenheim

Your cleanses are amazing in every aspect. Feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energised. It really shows you what your body "needs" and what becomes "habit" or "addiction". Your juices were wonderful, the service was great, and your super positive energy makes it enjoyable.

A Drop the BEET cleanse customer

We loved our two day cleanse session and you even got us to give up coffee! Still going strong!


I loved my one day cleanse and can't wait to enjoy some over the weekend at a horse show!

S. Michel