Can I set up a weekly repeating order?

Certainly! Reach out on Instagram or Facebook and let me know- we can set that up for you.

Can we buy your juices anywhere in person?

Yes! You can load up on your favourite juices each Sunday at the Marlborough Farmers' Market.

What kind of juicer do you use?

We use two different juicers- one is the Kuvings CS600 and the other is the Kuvings CS700. These are both commercial masticating (slow) juicers, which produce a higher quality and longer lasting juice than the typical centrifugal juicers many people use.

How does delivery and collection work? 

You place your order, pick your delivery date, and wait for a confirmation text. Then we do the rest! If you won't be home during your delivery time slot, simply leave out a chilly bin/bag with an ice pack and we will pop your order inside. Once you're done your order, give the bottles and caps a rinse, and leave them on your porch for collection. Flick me a text so I know to come and pick them up.



Why do I have to return the bottles and caps?

This is a part of our sustainable business model. We reuse the bottles to reduce our waste production and environmental footprint. This also reduces the price that you pay as the consumer as the bottle cost does not need to be factored into the price you pay. Additionally, there is a shortage of glass bottles in NZ due to Covid, so we need to ensure we are getting the bottles back during this time. 


Where does the produce come from that is used in the juices? 

We source our produce from a variety of suppliers- many are local growers that you'll find at the Farmers' Market, such as Golden Mile; however, for ingredients that we can't source locally, we look to other grocery suppliers.